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Lazy Seal Diving Co., Ltd.

Lazy Seal Diving is a certified PADI Dive Center and is located at the Lanta Pearl Beach Resort. The Dive Shop is right on the road to the beach with an outdoor classroom (Sala) next to The Pearl Restaurant & Bar.

Lazy Seal is a diving company that was founded back in 2014 in order to offer professional and personalized service to customers with small group sizes and safety as a priority. They divide groups according to certification and experience level so that everyone gets the most out of their dives. The staff is experienced and know where the highlights of the local dive sites are. They take pride on having well maintained and up-to-date diving gear available for our customers and are also prepared to assist in case of an incident either at sea or on land. They are also working closely with Reef Assistance & Awareness Programs, as well as with top notch Medical Facilities in case of an emergency.

Since Lazy Seal is a very small scale company for the better of the customer, they have no boat of their own. Instead of having to focus on filling up a boat, they work with a few hand-picked companies from the island and send our customers to the dive spots that suit best their dive level and experience. Therefore the group sizes for courses are small and private (2-4 people/course). For Fun Divers and Snorkelers there is also a limit of max. 4 people/guide. This will ensure that correct safety standards are met and it will provide a better learning experience, as well as more fun in the water. We also upgraded the course material from not just paperback, but a TV in the classroom & a Tablet for each of the students during the course.

They offer all the most popular Diving Courses from PADI, as well as a wide range of Specialty Courses. For Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster Programs, please contact them directly for more information.

Be one with the ocean - dive like a Seal

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